Bg"C: A petition for a line to an employee was denied

In accordance with the decision of Beg"As of today, it appears that the petitioners, the associations Kav LaOved and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, withdrew from the petition regarding the first remedy requested in it (financing expenses from the moment of the accident subject to presentation of initial evidence that the accident occurred at work).

And a few more articles:

(A) With regard to the second remedy requested (making the payment system accessible to Palestinian workers), the composition of the judges in Bagh"Significant efforts have been made and are being made to establish an online system accessible to Palestinian workers in the Arabic language. Therefore at this time the petition in this matter has exhausted itself;

(B) There is no reason to oblige Respondent 1, the National Insurance Institute, to set strict deadlines regarding the handling of claims by work-related injuries and the rates of reimbursement for these injured parties. This is both because such a procedure does not exist with regard to work-related injuries, residents of Israel, and because the National Insurance Regulations (deadlines for filing claims)"1969 provide an appropriate response to the needs of the victims;

(C) There is no need to adjust the rate of payments to the cost of medical treatment in the Palestinian Authority, if only because the rates are not set by Respondent 1, but by the Ministry of Health;

(D) The existing arrangement in which the share of work-related injuries (those who do not have a representative or a bank account in Israel) is compensated by sending checks by mail, is satisfactory and is an unfortunate necessity. This is because Respondent 2 does not make bank transfers outside the borders of Israel to any party.

Therefore, the petition is entitled with regard to the two remedies that were requested to be rejected. However, the decision states that the rights of the parties regarding the establishment of the online system are reserved for them.

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