Computer per child: 3,500 computers were distributed to children in Safed

The education system in Safed continues to work to provide the city’s children with the significant tools to succeed, develop and progress. In recent months, 3,500 computers have been distributed to the city’s children and teaching staff – some as part of a computer program for each child, some as part of providing tools to teaching staff and various other programs to which the Safed municipality has recruited a variety of partners to provide Safed children with meaningful educational tools.

Photo: Safed Municipality

According to the plan, there will no longer be a gap in the number of computers in Safed, since every student in Safed when he reaches the fourth grade will receive a sophisticated laptop, including a touch screen and professional guidance for getting to know the computer. The computers have been and will continue to be distributed in the future in the state, religious and ultra-Orthodox state institutions in the city.

Photo: Safed Municipality

In this way, the city of Safed significantly reduces the lack of computers among residents who do not have computers at all through intensive work by Mayor Shuki Ohana and combined budgets from the Safed Municipality, Ministry of Education, computer program for every child, Palm Beach Partnership, Achinoam Association, ICT program, Mifal Hapayis, Rash Foundation"Etc. etc.

Photo: Safed Municipality

Safed Mayor Shuki Ohana participated in the distribution of the computers this week and noted: "This is a real holiday for the children of the city of Safed and a real message to the entire education system. There are many students in the country who do not have computers at home and I am happy with the intensive work and extensive recruitment we have done in the education department. We also took care to provide computers to the education staff – educational infrastructure is an anchor for educational success, a computer has long been a luxury – it is a significant learning tool that every child should be exposed to, learn its benefits and develop through. We will continue to provide the children of Safed with the best tools to develop, grow and succeed".

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