Cop"H. General: A line of support and psychological assistance was opened against the background of the increase in coronary heart disease

Against the background of an increase in the number of those infected in Corona and the isolated, Cop"Clalit is opening a call center for emotional support at 03-7472010.

Clalit’s support center will work to provide initial advice in dealing with stressful situations that arise as a result of its increase in morbidity and the need for isolation, which mark Corona’s fifth wave after two years of complex coping with the epidemic.

Nurit Eitan Gutman is a national social worker at Clalit: “Sometimes in situations of uncertainty and stress, there may be emotional and physical reactions such as distress, rapid breathing, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, nervousness and more. These reactions are familiar and normative in stressful situations. Dealing with them can be helped and I invite our patients to use the service and get an initial response."

The answer will be given by phone by the social work service and the psychological service in Clalit will operate every day between the hours of 8: 00-20: 00, including Friday and Saturday.

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