Defense Minister Ganz visits Air Force Base: "Tse"L will continue to operate everywhere"

The Minister of Defense, Bnei Gantz, is today (Tuesday) visiting the 1st Wing Air Force Base in Ramat David, together with the Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin and Rosh Aga"S., General Tal Kalman. During the visit, the Minister of Defense was presented with various measures, and an operational review was conducted. The Minister of Defense also has a dialogue with fighters of the air crew, and with the teams of the technical department.

Defense Minister Ganz said: "I end a visit to the Air Force, which along with every IDF"To concludes a year of significant operational action. This year, too, we have dealt with the threats on the various fronts, all of which are fueled by Iran, which is the greatest enemy of my people and the people of the Middle East. The Iranian regime cannot provide education and water to its citizens – but continues to invest huge sums in its nuclear project and its envoys. Iran is undermining governance in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries, and seeks to set the region on fire – at the altar of the interests of its leaders. I call on the countries of the region to stop Iran from harming its sovereignty and its people. Israel will not allow Iran to inject unbalanced weapons into its envoys and threaten its citizens. Tse"Will continue to operate everywhere, in the air, on land and at sea, to ensure the security of the State of Israel."

Photo: Ariel Hermoni / Ministry of Defense
Photo: Ariel Hermoni / Ministry of Defense

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