Due to Ben Gvir’s complaint: The Bar Association has opened an investigation against Judge Khaled Kabov’s son

The National Ethics Committee of the Bar Association began today (Tuesday) in the process of clarifying a complaint filed by Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir, in which he demanded the removal of Adv"D. Walid Kabov, the son of Judge Khaled Kabov of the Bar Association, for things he wrote on his Facebook account in Operation The Wall Guard.

Thus, during the disturbances last May, Adv"D. Like his Facebook account: "We will fill the streets with rage and demonstrations, and we will fill the prisons with innocents". Following these remarks, Ben Gvir appealed to the Bar Association demanding that Adv"D. Kabov, for supporting the enemy and actually encouraging violence. About two weeks ago, the ethics committee approached Law"D. Kabov is demanding that a response be given, when such a response is requested only in the event that there is a real complaint.

Ha"Itamar Ben Gvir stated in response that: "A man like Walid Kabov can not be a lawyer"D. in the State of Israel even one minute, and I hope that the Bar Association will permanently remove a person who during a war against the people of Israel he encouraged the instigators and rioters".

H"Ben Gvir spoke at a memorial service marking the 31st anniversary of the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahana
Photo: Jewish Power

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