Golani for Nature: The unit’s soldiers cleaned and nurtured the Nahal Hatzor Reserve

The soldiers of the Golani Patrol engaged in value-based and volunteer work for nature, as part of which they cultivated and removed large amounts of garbage from the Nahal Hatzor Reserve in cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority. As part of the activity, a fire surface 100 in the reserve was evacuated, dozens of garbage bags and two carts laden with scrap iron and garts. It is estimated that a ton of iron was evacuated from the area.

The activity in the reserve was carried out as part of a project "Army for the Protection of Nature – Commanders take responsibility for their environment", Which is under the Technology and Logistics Division in the swamp"To. In order to meet the goals of the project – to assist the team"And its commanders to bear its responsibility for the preservation of the environment, nature, and heritage sites in the territories under its responsibility and in its operating environment, its member"Led by the Technology and Maintenance Corps in the Technology and Logistics Division and the Ministry of Defense, to the leading environmental organizations in Israel – the Nature and Parks Authority, the Society for the Protection of Nature and the Antiquities Authority – together they currently operate about 65 centers in all soldiers and arms And to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Photo: Mohana Nasser, Nature and Parks Authority

According to Hadas Kahaner, the Supervisor of the Upper Galilee Nature and Parks Authority, who led the activity together with the soldiers: "A big thank you to the commanders and soldiers of the Golani Regiment who joined with remarkable dedication and determination for the sake of cleaning the valuable area that is a habitat and an important wandering space for wildlife. I welcome the cooperation with the soldiers and commanders in the framework of the ‘Army for the Protection of Nature’ project, which is a significant force multiplier for nature conservation in Israel, while combining voluntary, value-based and significant work for soldiers and commanders who take part in it.".

Photo: Mohana Nasser, Nature and Parks Authority

According to the Golani Regiment Commander, Captain Jonathan Fitoussi: The Technology and Logistics Division, including the TNA Corps, connects the various units for the preservation of nature conservation values ​​and the connection to the Land of Israel and its landscapes. Golani Patrol soldiers took a break from their intensive training to clean the creek for the benefit of hikers and to keep the country clean. The connection between the fighters and the nature in which they carry out their training routine illustrates how much maintaining cleanliness and the environment is a tier in the defense of the country.".

Photo: Mohana Nasser, Nature and Parks Authority

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