"It is right to wait with a decision on a fourth vaccine for several weeks – to examine the rate of infection in England"

Against the background of the recommendation of the Zetz"From to CEO"The Ministry of Health to vaccinate people aged 60 and over (recommendation not yet received) says this morning (Tuesday) d"R. Ortal Ne’eman, Director of the Corona Women’s Department, at Assuta Hospital, Ashdod, said: "For the past two years it has been vaccines that have saved the entire world from severe deaths and morbidity. However, and as someone who has been in favor of vaccinating the general population as soon as possible, we need to look at the steadily declining morbidity figures in South Africa and wait a few weeks to see if there is a similar decline in England, which could indicate that the micron wave is timed. To the extent that other data are obtained, there is no alternative to administering a fourth vaccine first to at-risk populations and later to the entire population.".

Illustration. Credit: freepik
D"R. Ortal Ne’eman. Photo: Assuta spokeswoman Ashdod

Photo: Assuta spokeswoman Ashdod

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