Minister Elkin: "It is inconceivable that legal advice would dictate to a professional office slippery schedules"

At the initiative of were"R, h"As Michael Bitton, this morning (Tuesday) the Economics Committee convened for an urgent discussion that dealt with the outline of the joint staff of the Ministries of Welfare and Construction and Housing for an updated eviction arrangement from public housing apartments. At the beginning of the discussion today mentioned were"R. Bitton, that the background is a letter from the Deputy Attorney General according to which to solve the problem of evictions within 21 days. This is after it was agreed between the two"R. Bitton to the Minister of Construction and Housing, Zeev Elkin, on a move to stop the evictions and re-examine them. As part of the same summary, it was also decided to establish the same joint team for the Ministries of Welfare and Housing, as well as to establish a team in collaboration with Hugh"The Bitton Committee examines the criteria regarding evictions. It was further agreed to freeze the evictions until the work of the crews is completed.

there were"R. Bitton notified Minister Elkin of the dramatic move and referred to the sub-position of the speaker"Q to the government, and said that it did not write such a letter about the illegal construction in Israel. "Those who create difficulties for two government ministries are actually the legal advisers to the government. This thing is not acceptable to us. Legal advice to the government in its role to bring legislative and legal solutions as required. Minister Elkin knows that I am usually a nice person, but I was willing to risk the state budget for a family with 8 children that was to be vacated. The role of the Attorney General is to solve problems and help firms implement their policies, not to stop a solution we have promoted. I’m not going to give up, I’ve proved I can overthrow a government on this and no one will try the Economics Committee".

Minister Elkin presented progress during the examination of the evictions and said that the intention is to address each and every case. He added that he would soon appoint a public committee to re-examine the criteria for eligibility for public housing, and said that by then he intends to investigate 350 cases of tenants who are destined for eviction individually and must wait for work to be completed.

As for the sub-letter to the speaker"Q. To the government, Minister Elkin said: "I share Liu’s sense of frustration"R. Bitton, I too exploded when I received the letter. We were instructed to complete the work of the inter-ministerial team within 21 days and return to evacuations without individual examination. Ordered us, I’m not sure the deputy understood it was two teams, to end the committee examining the criteria, which they did not do here for 20 years, in 45 days. To me this scandal is not serious and it is inconceivable that the legal advice to the government would dictate to a professional office schedules that are coupons. There are 350 final judgments that all need to come up, case by case, on the table of the inter-ministerial committee. Is it serious to discuss this in 21 days? Reconsidering criteria in 45 days is a joke. It’s only if you do not want to do anything".

Representative of the Ministry of Justice, d"R. Effi Tzemach, tried to reply on behalf of the firm and said that it is difficult to speak when the labeling is of those who come to disrupt the move. According to him, there is no dispute about the purpose and the level of means. He added: "Legal advice comes and says something else. He says he wants to help and wants to allow the move and channel it into legal channels that will be in line with the law and we can defend them on the day of an order".

Minister Elkin asked "Protect from what? There will be a family appeal Why not evacuate her at the time of eviction? There is a limit". H"As Naama Lazimi added: "You have not been working for years against sub-investment policies". there were"R. Bitton asked why they had allocated 21 days to deal with something that had been neglected since 1993". Tzemach replied to Minister Elkin and said: "Protect the move from any petition that may arise in any context, whether from a person who is entitled and awaits and his right is violated or any other person". Tzemach added that these are final rulings, and Minister Elkin responded: How many final rulings are there? Are you normal? It infuriates me". Plant replied: "The legal counsel expressed the rather reasonable position, we sought to make a distinction between those who are not likely to be eligible and those who may be eligible". there were"R. Bitton that if the mother after 28 years of neglect could have waited more than 21 days, and Plant replied: "You could say that the estimate of the times was unreasonable", On all that Minister Elkin said: "clearly".

there were"R. Bitton asked Tzemach for a reference that would give hope for the move, and Tzemach replied that it was given at the invitation of the Attorney General, who invited Minister Elkin to a meeting. Minister Elkin said: "I answered, but I will not let you run the Ministry of Housing and tell us that 45 days is a maximum for examining criteria and 21 days is enough to go over 350 cases".

H"As Naama Lazimi said that it is not obvious that the minister is behind the summary, adding: "When selling apartments I have not seen the Ministry of Justice issue an opinion, or an opinion on underinvestment, but now when throwing families write a letter. I’m willing to say I’m not polite and rude, but that can not happen". H"About Osama Saadi said that one can also change final judgments if there are new facts. H"About Orly Levy Abacis said that there are final rulings of the Supreme Court as well, but she did not see a letter that Khan al-Ahmar should be evacuated.

Minister Elkin summed things up and said: "When I am sure of my righteousness I am determined and not going to give up. There was an intervention attempt here which is a very big mistake, it could not be that the legal advice would dictate schedules without talking to us. I will not allow our professionals and the Ministry of Welfare and public representatives to work with a gun to the temple. The justice minister said he thinks this is the right direction and he supports the move, and suddenly I get a letter from a deputy to the speaker"Q that turns everything. I think she made a serious mistake so I screamed. My role as an elected official is to stand up for ours and tell the people in the ministry to continue to follow the policy I have set. I hope we have a meeting with the speaker"Q to the government and we will clarify this".

there were"R. Bitton summed up the meeting and said that he is "Full of appreciation to the Ministers of Welfare Housing and Justice, who took a painful issue and neglect of dozens of years and built an overall concept of care. We can end this affair with a two-year job and we will help any person who after this event will have a roof over their heads. There are arguments in front of the legal system that make you a fighter for justice and you are a fighter for justice, go with that in your power and suspend those homeless", Said were"R. Bitton to Minister Elkin.

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