Minister of the Interior: An addition of 500 Palestinian workers to the restaurant industry in Israel will be approved

The increase in the quota of Palestinian workers in the restaurant industry has been approved by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, and will stand at an additional 500 permits, so that as of today, the quota will stand at a total of 2,000 permits. The approval is in accordance with the recommendation of the inter-ministerial committee, and CEO"To the Immigration Population Authority, Tomer Moskowitz decided from here to increase the quota by an additional 500 permits.

The committee’s recommendation was given against the background of data indicating an acute labor shortage in the restaurant industry, due to the difficulty of recruiting Israeli workers even for high wages, and since the existing Palestinian workers’ quota is fully realized and does not meet the high demand created.

The Minister of the Interior, Ayelet Shaked, said: “The distress of the restaurateurs was brought to Fatah by MK Avir Kara, and after examining the issue, there was a real distress for the Israeli restaurateurs to recruit manpower. The decision will increase the quota by 30% and provide an immediate solution for restaurant owners."

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