Re Office"M. convened the National Information Forum after years

The National Information Office in the Prime Minister’s Office convened the National Information Forum today (Tuesday) for a virtual meeting, for the first time in years. The forum includes all the leaders who lead the information efforts in the State of Israel, including the IDF Spokesman’s Brigade"To the Police Spokesman Division, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, the Unit for Coordinating Government Operations in the Occupied Territories"Q) and other bodies.

The purpose of the forum’s work is to coordinate and synchronize the work of all relevant information bodies, in order to lead a uniform, accurate and clear message on significant issues and events of national magnitude, in front of the various target audiences to which the State of Israel addresses. The national information system in the Prime Minister’s Office, which is currently in the process of being re-established, led to the convening of the forum, which will continue to meet on an ongoing basis.

The Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, opened the conference with a greeting, and was later addressed by the Head of the National Information Department – Elad Tene, Director of the National Information Department – Gadi Ezra, Spokesman"To – cell"To Ran Kochav, Head of the Spokesman Division of the Israel Police – Tan"Hadas Madmoni-Shapira, and VP"For Public Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Noam approx"ץ.

From the Prime Minister’s remarks: "I welcome the convening of this important forum, the National Information Forum, in which all bodies hold a dialogue, refine messages and coordinate the information front of the State of Israel. The image attributed to the State of Israel and the consciousness towards us in the world are a central pillar in our national security and our national power – for better and for worse. This is true routinely, and all the more so in times of emergency. We also saw this in Operation Wall Guard. At the historical level, in almost every campaign conducted by the State of Israel, there were international pressures that greatly restricted the freedom of action of Israeli captains, and this is also related to the information arena."

"After many years, the national information system and the national information staff come to life. As someone who fought on the battlefield and experienced firsthand the hardships of war, it makes me happy to know that in the home front we give and give our fighters the upper hand. The key principles for me are – visual, reliability and accurate message. The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has also been research-proven. The impression that a 10-second video leaves on you can be lifelong, inexhaustible words. The second thing is reliability – we just must not take out the wrong things. If we do not know something, we will check and take out the full information we have at that stage. The other thing is that the message should always be accurate and clear, as simple and uncomplicated as possible. I wish us all great success, the challenges are great but so are the talents that make up this forum and its potential for action.". The Prime Minister finished his remarks.

The head of the national information system, Elad Tene: “For the first time in years, all the bodies are coming together to talk about our perception of information, to coordinate, and to plan. This is the opening shot for a significant reorganization process that the lineup is undergoing, with the aim of marching Israeli propaganda forward.".

Photo: Amos Ben Gershom / Le"M

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