re"From Bennett: "The first shipment of drugs to Corona will land in Israel tomorrow"

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett addressed a report on the isolation policy today (Tuesday): "The last two weeks have examined what is happening abroad and we have realized that if we continue, in the current isolation policy, that is, every person (vaccinated or not) exposed to the verified, then de facto we will reach a closure with 1-2 million people in isolation. Our goal is to maintain as much as possible an open economy and economy and open businesses, while avoiding reaching out to hospitals inefficiency. If we wanted to do a closure, we would do it but there is no point in reaching a de facto closure when you call it by another name. We take into account that they may be contagious, but the new rules are simple to apply and apply to everyone, at all ages, in all varieties. Those who are vaccinated and exposed to a verified patient, should be tested, wait for the result and if negative he can act normally."

Bennett noted that tomorrow the new drugs for the treatment of corona patients are expected to land in Israel, which may be a turning point in the fight against the virus: "We are the first in the world to receive boxes of medicines, and the fact that we bought ourselves five weeks of rejection has given us an advantage over other countries, which are struggling with the Delta and Omicron strains at the same time. The alternative was to drive like the Netherlands, with a full closure."

Photo: Ministry of Defense and El Al

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