re"From Bennett: "We are just before the storm of infection – on a scale we have not seen in Israel"

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said this morning (Tuesday) in an interview here on Net B that "We are just before the storm of infection – on a scale we have not seen in Israel". Bennett added that according to the isolation policy that is expected to be adopted by the government, vaccinated people will not be required for isolation – even if they are exposed to a verified patient. On the Iranian threat he said: "We need to prevent Iran from breaking into nuclear weapons permanently". On the Chumash storm he said: "The yeshiva was evacuated during the Netanyahu-Smutrich government, he did not care"

The Likud responded: "With zero effort and zero decisions: Bennett continues to “interpret” Corona’s affairs instead of making decisions – both saving lives and providing financial assistance to businesses and citizens – as we have done. Bennett received from Netanyahu a country free of corona that was ranked 5th in the world and today he managed to degenerate us to 21st place. He zigzags over every vital issue in Corona and fails miserably in the child vaccination operation. Bennett continues to “contain the dead”, endanger life and harm businesses and citizens financially – with 0 decisions, 0 successes and 0 achievements."

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