The first Israeli ambassador to Bahrain submitted his charter to the king

The first Israeli ambassador to Bahrain, Mr. Eitan Na’a, today (Tuesday) submitted his charter to the King of Bahrain, Hemed bin Issa al-Khalifa. The ceremony took place at al-Sahir Palace in the country, which is used to hold ceremonies and particularly prestigious events. The event included waving the Israeli flag and playing the Israeli anthem “Hatikva” in the palace, as well as exchanging greetings and a warm and friendly conversation between the handsome ambassador and the king of Bahrain.

CEO"To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alon Ushpiz: "The submission of the charter today to King Bahrain is an important step in the formal and public anchoring of relations between the two countries. I am pleased that Eitan, a veteran and respected diplomat in the Foreign Service with extensive experience in the Middle East arena, is the first Israeli ambassador to Bahrain. I am sure that during his tenure as ambassador the relationship will flourish and prosper."

Ambassador Eitan Na’a: "I am proud to be the first Israeli ambassador to Bahrain. We recently marked a year since the peace agreement between us and it was exciting to hear the Israeli national anthem on the land of the kingdom. The relationship between the countries is warm and I am sure that it will deepen."

Photo: BTV News Center

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