The Minister of Economy and Industry held a special assessment of the situation in light of the increase in the number verified by Omicron

The Minister of Economy and Industry, Orna Barbibai, today (Tuesday) held a joint assessment of the situation with senior officials of the ministry and the president of the Manufacturers’ Association, Ron Tomer. The discussion examined the national assessments of the impact of the omicron on the economy, the needs required for continued ongoing activity with minimal impairment of economic functioning. It has also defined the tools needed to help employers, workers, businesses, industry and exporters, to get through the coming wave with a minimum of economic harm.

During the discussion, the various scenarios that may develop in the face of rising morbidity were analyzed, and the implications for the economy were presented in light of the expectations of the workers that will be required for isolation. The Ministry of Economy is committed to continuing the functional continuity of the economy, by creating certainty for the supply chains as well as addressing the needs that arise from the field. The Minister noted positively the decision made today to change the policy regarding the isolation of vaccines that were tested and found to be negative and instructed the ministry staff to address any need that may arise.

Archive: Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

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