A 50-year-old worker was seriously injured by a heavy object at a factory in Ashdod

A 50-year-old worker was injured recently (Wednesday) after being hit by a heavy object at a factory located in the northern industrial area of ​​Ashdod. Medics and paramedics from Med"A. was given medical treatment and evacuated to Assuta Hospital in the city, in critical condition with an abdominal injury. Police arrived at the scene and are investigating the circumstances of the case, a report was forwarded to the Ministry of Labor.

Ashdod station firefighters, who were called to the scene, reported an explosion at a metal decommissioning plant in the city. When the fighters arrived at the scene they noticed smoke and a nuisance"To the factory led them to the act which was damaged by the explosion. The cause of the explosion is unknown. After he measured"A. Determine the condition of the wounded. The shift commander, Rabbi Reshef Moti Bitton, began rescuing the wounded to the ground floor.

The shift commander submits: "Firefighters carry out a controlled rescue p"Transported by a stretcher to meter forces"A. in the ground. The rescue must be quick because of his condition. It should be noted the incident is under control, the condition of the injured is moderate."

Nuriel Avitan, a paramedic from the Rescue Union who provided him with first aid, said: "This is a man who was found bruised and with soot marks on the third floor of the factory as a result of an explosion that occurred according to the workers at the place while he was working. I gave him initial assistance and then he was evacuated with the help of the fire crews to Assuta Medical Center".

Photo: Documentation of fire and rescue operations
Photo: Documentation of fire and rescue operations
Photo: Documentation of fire and rescue operations

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