A bill to control vegetable prices was rejected in the Knesset

The Knesset plenum today (Wednesday) rejected by a preliminary reading by a majority of 50 to 46, Ha’s bill"Orly Levy Abacis for the Supervision of the Prices of Commodities and Services in which it was proposed to authorize the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development to determine in regulations a basic basket of vegetables whose price will be controlled, as well as the maximum profit that can be earned from the sale of vegetables included in the basic basket.

Initiative of the proposal, h"About Orly Levy-Abacus: "If you want to take care of the agricultural produce, if you want the families to be able to serve their children vegetables that are so important for skeletal development, you must support the proposal. Do not follow the anti-social government policies that are felt in every corner of the supermarket and networks. The cost of living is rising, and will be felt even more in the near future. Electrical, dairy, fuel and other basic products are rising and rising. Like a tsunami wave, more companies will come and raise prices and there are no ministers who stand up and say something, neither the Minister of Finance nor the Minister of Economy. How can fruits and vegetables be prevented from children?".

Illustration. Credit: pexels

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