A temporary restraining order has been issued prohibiting Let Biss from firing Hugh"The Workers’ Committee

The president of the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court, Judge Hadas Yahalom, yesterday (Tuesday) issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Tan Biss company from firing Yu"R. Workers’ Committee Adam Steiner. The president further ruled that Hugh"The committee will continue to submit shifts and the company will continue to assign him to work accordingly.

Tan Biss employees organized in October 2020 as part of the Histadrut, which announced representation on the company the same day. However, the company refused to recognize the organization of its employees and conducted a lengthy and complex legal proceeding in court. In August 2021, a ruling was given by the Labor Court stating that the Histadrut is a workers’ organization that will represent the company and that the company has harmed"R. to the workers’ committee due to the organization. The tribunal even awarded damages to the company due to the vulnerability in the organization.

Let Biss refused to comply with the ruling and appealed to the National Labor Court, where it argued, among other things, that the compensation that was instituted for not taking dismissal proceedings against Hugh should be reduced."R. Committee. While the parties await judgment on the appeal, the company nevertheless tried to fire Hugh"R. Committee, a few days after the hearing and in the most sensitive period in the life of the organization.

The Histadrut recently submitted an urgent request to the Regional Labor Court to overturn the decision on the dismissals. The request was heard again before the president of the Regional Labor Court, Judge Hadas Yahalom. Yesterday, as stated, the judge issued the temporary restraining order prohibiting the dismissal of Hugh"R. Committee. The Histadrut was represented at the hearing by attorneys Anat Gutman and Adi Golan. Tan Biss was represented by attorney Dafna Shmuelevich.

CEO"Amichai Stinger told the Workers’ Division: “We are very pleased that the tribunal has ruled out the obvious: It is forbidden to harm the workers who lead an organization. Probably a just organization of young and weakened workers as give-a-bit workers, who have been fighting for more than a year for their right to unionize and improve their working conditions. The Histadrut will continue to defend the right of association everywhere, and give it a bit more".

US"R. Division of the Trade Union in the Histadrut HaOa"To Uri Sweet: "More than a year after the announcement of the representation, Tan Biss continues its action to try and thwart the workers’ organization. Instead of sitting down in good faith negotiations and addressing issues raised by the emissaries, such as winter safety in general, social rights and more, management continues to pull time in the courts. We will continue to be the backbone of young workers in Israel".

Legal Adviser to the Division of Workers’ Union Adv"D. Anat Gutman concluded: "This is an important decision for all employees of the courier industry. The Tan Biss emissaries ‘organization is a groundbreaking and innovative organization in an industry that has not hitherto recognized workers’ organizations. The messengers in this industry, which is mostly based on a platform economy, are usually employed as individual workers who do not know each other and have never experienced the benefits of organized labor. The importance of the decision is in fact the recognition that this organization should be given an opportunity and strengthened, and the decision of the court that prevented his dismissal was"The committee is designed for just that".

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