A terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack near the Cave of the Patriarchs was sentenced to 19 years in prison

The Juvenile Military Court today (Wednesday) sentenced the minor terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack near the Cave of the Patriarchs about two years ago (Wednesday) about two years ago. The terrorist stabbed M., a young Jew, and then attacked K. – a young woman who was with M. and another person who were at the scene. He was convicted of attempted murder and aggravated sabotage of two people.

M. and K., who got married a few months after the attack, responded: "We thank the gifted organization and others"D. Haim Bleicher, who accompanied us from the first moment in this whole process. We think that the years of imprisonment are not enough and that the punishment must be more severe against terrorist attacks of any kind. The fact that there are still terrorist attacks indicates the quality of the punishment. We are happy that in relation to the punishment that exists today, the terrorist received a high number of years in prison, and we thank all those involved in the work. Pray for real change, so that Jews can move around freely without fear anywhere in the Land of Israel".

Adv"Haim Bleicher, of the Honno organization, which represents the victims of the crime, said: "In relation to the judgments given to date to small terrorists an improvement trend can be seen in this case. We still think it’s low, because a terrorist who comes to kill Jews must not be released with more power in his waist. Care should be taken to keep him away from society permanently or close to it. We will continue to work with the victims of the crime to increase the punishment more and more against terrorists, as this is one of the ways to fight terrorism and prevent it, in addition to other ways and actions that must be taken against the terrorists and their environment.".

In a hearing held today before the head of the tribunal, SA"To Rani Amer and before the judges Ras"N. Avi Westerman Vers"Shai Farber, the terrorist was sentenced to 19 years in prison, as well as a suspended sentence, a fine and monetary compensation to the complainants. The attack took place about two years ago, near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The minor terrorist carried with him a knife with a blade of 8.5 cm"M, and when he noticed M. and Beck walking together, he stabbed M. in the back. The knife penetrated M.’s body to a depth of 6.5 cm"From, and broke. A passerby who was at the scene noticed what was happening and started shouting ‘killer, killer’, but the terrorist continued to make stabbing movements towards M. with the butt of the knife, and also hit him with his hands. The terrorist then left M. and chased after K., beating her, pushing her and pulling her hair. The passer-by tried to separate the young woman from the terrorist, and began to fight him.

The terrorist also attacked the passerby and inflicted bruises on his back, chest, head and face, until the security forces who arrived at the scene took control of the terrorist. The wounded M. was taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove the knife blade that was stuck in his back.

At the hearing of the arguments for punishment against the terrorist that took place about two months ago, the victims of the crime presented to the judges the physical and mental suffering caused to them as a result of the attack. M. and K., who got married a few months after the attack, testified to the common difficulties they have to deal with on a daily basis, resulting from the consequences that the attack left on them. The passer-by, the victim of the additional offense, lost his father and brother in a shooting attack about 28 years ago, which exacerbates the significance of the injury for him.

Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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