An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale that originated in Crete was felt in Israel

The Seismology Division at the Geological Survey updated that this morning at 7:08 an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 occurred on the Richter scale, near Crete. The quake was felt in the country.

If you felt the quake, and in order to better understand the effects of an earthquake in Israel, the people in the department need the information in the questionnaire within theNext link

In the Home Front Command, we have refreshed the instructions on how to proceed during an earthquake:

Those staying in the building – if possible, go out into the open. If it is not possible to leave the building within a few seconds, enter the MMM"D and leave the door and windows open or go out to the stairwell and keep going down until you exit the building. Only if this can not be done, should one sit in the inner corner of the room or under heavy furniture and protect the head with the hands.

Those who stay outside – stay in the open and stay away from buildings, trees, power cables and items that could fall and endanger you.

Those staying at the beach – stay at least one kilometer away from the beach or go up to the fourth floor and above, for fear of a tsunami coming and flooding the beach. Signage can be used to guide the escape routes to the marked assembly areas.

❗Passengers in the vehicle – The vehicle must be stopped on the side of the road and wait inside until the earthquake stops. Stop under a bridge or at an interchange.

Learn more and life-saving guidelines click here

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