Beit Shemesh: A 70-year-old man suffocated during a meal, his death was determined after resuscitation efforts

A man in his 70s suffocated today (Wednesday) during a meal at his home. Medics and paramedics of Med"A. together with paramedics from the Rescue Union performed resuscitation operations on him but his death was determined on the spot.

Elyakim Shisha and Yossi Horowitz, rescue team volunteers who arrived at the scene, said: "Within a short time of receiving the call we found the adult in his 70s, suffocating from bread. The volunteers began to extract the bread and perform resuscitation operations on it, when later the dedicated volunteers Pinchas Toisig and Avraham Rosenfeld joined as well as the At team"Estate of a meter"A. After prolonged resuscitation efforts with medication assistance, Med paramedics were forced"A. determine his death, due to unsuccessful resuscitation efforts."

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