Import reform: Official exemption for products intended for research and development or export

The import reform, led by the Ministry of Economy and Industry, is expected to take effect on June 1, 2002. Even before it enters into force, the Ministry of Economy works to promote changes that will facilitate the activity of the economy and can be implemented immediately. One of the components of the reform is the granting of an exemption from the obligation to comply with the requirements of official standards, as far as the creation and import of products intended for export and research and development is concerned. This amendment changes the situation today according to which products for these purposes are required to meet the conditions of the official standard and thus constitutes a burden on businesses.

Hemo"P in Israel is one of the significant and important components of the economy and has a significant contribution to growth, employment and productivity. The activity in these areas is aimed at creating technological innovations or new products, and therefore these products should not be expected or required to comply with regulation, as long as they are in a research or development process and are not intended for consumption. Out of this rationale, it was decided to exempt this import from any need to comply with regulation.

The new reality will reduce bureaucracy and increase certainty for businesses, which is extremely important for research and development activities that are in constant global competition. This step is also a relief for young start-ups, whose activities can be greatly affected by unnecessary regulation. Excess regulation and bureaucratic conduct is also an important consideration for companies when determining the location of their development or research center. Therefore, the decision to grant an exemption is very significant and can be a significant factor in the decision-making process for choosing the location of the center and preferring Israel over other countries.

Another important tier in the Israeli economy is exports. The law stipulates that the production and import of goods intended for export will also be exempt from official regulation and will no longer be required to comply with regulation, with the understanding that the activity is intended for other markets where other regulation applies. Therefore, we are working to reduce this type of manufacturing and import regulation for the exporting industry. The Ministry of Economy and Industry notes that so far, importing for export has involved the process of submitting an application for an exemption from the legality of importation and an individual examination of each application. The Ministry of Economy processes an average of about 2,500 exemption applications per year. From now on, this procedure is redundant and the approval will be given automatically on the basis of a statement.

To implement the exemption, the Ministry of Economy and Industry is embarking on a new process, which will be activated automatically and will require the submission of a declaration only for one-time approvals, without the need for additional documents. Upon submission of the declaration, the submitter will receive immediate approval which will be forwarded in parallel to customs in order to release the goods. Importers who request an annual permit through which they will be able to release goods for a year without submitting individual applications, will be required to submit an affidavit. The procedure will be activated, as stated, immediately in this format. At the same time, the Ministry of Economy and Industry will work during the coming year to update the computer systems, so that the release of the products intended for"P or for export, at customs, by submitting the application in the system only.

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Danny Shem Tov

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