Tamra: A 14-year-old minor was caught driving wildly without a license with another 12-year-old minor next to him

During an Israeli police-initiated enforcement operation, police spotted a vehicle in the city of Tamra, which tried to escape at 3:00 a.m., after the vehicle was stopped and inspected by police. And the vehicle was taken to the police station.

The Israel Police stated: "This activity joins the enforcement activity that takes place throughout the year along with a lot of diverse information for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists including teenagers about safe behavior on the roads and all in order to change the driving culture and make drivers travel according to law and road conditions, increase safety among users The way and deter drivers from committing offenses. The Israel Police in the Northern District calls on the parents to be vigilant, responsible and involved in their children’s acts of reckless driving and incidents of violence that may result in serious bodily injury and even loss of life, arrest and execution of those involved."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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