Ten men went out towards AA’s house and started beating him…

District Attorney A."A. (Criminal) filed an indictment in the city district court against Muhammad Daka, a 21-year-old city resident, for offenses of conspiracy to commit a felony and aggravated sabotage.

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The indictment filed by Adv"D. Meitav Dagan, indicates that last October the defendant conspired with nine other men with the aim of harming AA. For this purpose, the teenagers traveled from the Pardes Dacha neighborhood in the direction of AA’s house in Jaffa. When they got there, they started beating him, and one of the defendants even shot at him, hitting the back of his neck and the back of his head, thus injuring him. At the same time, Daka, along with some of the others, began beating BB, AA’s brother, using a blunt object, among other things. After finishing beating the two, they returned to the vehicles and returned to the dachshund orchard.

As a result of the beatings suffered by BB, he was hospitalized and suffered multiple serious injuries, including fractures in the ribs and vertebrae.

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