The Israel Police has issued an order not to hold a meeting to celebrate Baba Sally in Netivot

The Israel Police decided today (Wednesday) to issue an order not to hold a meeting, regarding the revelry of Baba Sally Zetz"To the annual in Netivot, in which tens of thousands of people participate every year in the compound around his grave. This instruction was given after the commander of the Negev region, in view of the fact that there is no reasonable possibility of complying with the provisions of the Safety Law until the date of the celebration and in accordance with the powers set forth in the Public Places Safety Law.

The Israel Police stated: "The police call on the public to obey this instruction and not to arrive at the Zion compound on the day of the celebration. Any violation of the order and to the extent necessary, the police will take the necessary measures to prevent the entry of the general public and the holding of public revelry at the Baba Sally Zetz Foundation compound."To."

In addition, the police clarified: "Following the references, we clarified that the issuance of the order was intended to protect the safety and security of the public in a situation where the required safety conditions in the grade and foyer could not be guaranteed. At the same time, if the organizers contact the police today and submit a request to hold the celebration in the large complex, which is spread over 250 dunams, the conditions necessary for the celebration according to the Safety Law will be transferred to them immediately."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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