The Tax Authority has published the required positions in the report for the 2021 tax year

The Tax Authority published today (Wednesday) the required positions in the report for the tax year 2021, in which 12 new positions in the income tax were added and 7 previously published positions were updated. In 2021, no new positions on VAT issues were published"From, customs, purchase tax and excise on fuel. The reporting required by law is in respect of a position included in the annual report for income tax and in the periodic reports in indirect taxation (VAT)."M, Customs and Excise), which is in conflict with the positions published by the Tax Authority until the end of the 2021 tax year, including the positions that have already been published from 2016 onwards and an update has not yet been published.

The total positions published and requiring reporting in 2021 in the income tax stand at 101 positions (total"Approximately 109 positions neutralizing 8 positions that were revoked) when the authority given in the law was at a ceiling of 400 positions by the end of 2021."12 positions have been published so far (total"About 13 positions in the neutralization of position 12/2017 which was canceled), in customs 20 positions and spent on the fuel one position.

Positions published in the income tax include positions regarding a gift to a foreign resident (according to which an Israeli resident who gave a gift to a foreign resident the gift will not be exempt), entitlement to calculate distributable profits from the sale of shares by an individual, losses accrued to a foreign resident and more. In addition, amendments and clarifications were published to eight positions that repealed the previous positions, including positions on the distribution of imprisoned profits as a result of Amendment No. 74 to the Incentive Law, conversion of distributed means of payment, and more. Link to post the positions:

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