The Tax Authority is proactively issuing tax adjustments to people with disabilities for 2022

The Tax Authority will proactively issue approximately 11,000 tax adjustments up to 2022 for people with disabilities who have made tax adjustments for their income in 2020 and 2021, and have a qualifying disability in 2022, without any need to apply to the IRS offices. The move is being carried out as part of the Authority’s steps to improve service to its customers, and following the change in the exempt income ceiling for people with disabilities, which will take effect on 01.01.2022.

As part of the Arrangements Law, section 9 (5) of the Income Tax Ordinance was amended, stipulating that the income tax-exempt personal income for a person with a disability was reduced from NIS 614,400 to NIS 409,200, for those who do not receive a monthly benefit under the Disability (Benefits and Rehabilitation) Law or the Benefits Law For victims of hostilities. Following the amendment, tax assessors will conduct initiated tax adjustments for this population in the coming weeks subject to the amended exemption ceiling.

Tax coordination certificates will wait in the personal area on the Tax Authority website and will be sent by mail. For inquiries, you can contact the information center at 4954 *.

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