"Whoever gives a hand to fake converts, his descendants will assimilate and erase the genealogy of the people of Israel"

Ha"Israel Eichler went to the Knesset today (Wednesday) and delivered speeches aimed at the conversion reform of the Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, and members of the Bennett government, who, according to ultra-Orthodox Knesset members, are working to destroy Judaism.

H"As Israel Eichler made painful remarks in the Knesset plenum: "I protest with great pain about the war waged by the Lieberman-Bennett government against the Jews of Chernobyl, Ukraine, Russia, America and the Orient and all the kosher Jews in the world by creating a system of fake conversions in Israel, in addition to the Holocaust in the United States and Western Europe. In the Land of Israel there is a conversion system, which I personally do not always believe in the desire of the person who converts there to accept the yoke of Torah and mitzvos. Let it be clear that it is not we who determine the halakhah, but the crutch"He gave us in the Torah from Sinai. Halacha states that whoever really wants to accept the yoke of Torah and mitzvos, can be a kosher Jew. By the way, this is proof that Judaism is not racist. I can not be of the Aryan or Slavic race or even the Arab race. But any of these races can accept the yoke of Torah and mitzvos, convert properly and become a kosher Jew".

H"As Eichler said: "Forging halakhah is a very serious matter. This causes innocent people to think of someone who is Jewish, and the descendants to be complete Gentiles. Increased to do the government that fired the head of the conversion system Representative of the Chief Rabbi President of the Supreme Court Rabbi David Lau Shalit"A., and try to silence the mouth of the Rishon LeZion Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shalit"A. Representatives of Yisrael Beiteinu even threaten to fire the chief rabbis. Imagine that a government minister fires a legal adviser or an accountant of a government ministry. After all, there is no such thing, since the appointment is in the opinion of the Attorney General. Likewise in this case, it is impossible to dismiss the appointment of a representative of the Chief Rabbi. I am sure that whoever will hand over the removal of the Chief Rabbi’s representative and turn the conversion into a forgery, "Will win" That his descendants will assimilate God forbid and erase the genealogy of the people of Israel. This is the sin and this is its punishment. For these I weep. I ask you, especially people who are not ultra-Orthodox and trust the Chief Rabbinate, to make sure that the conversion is indeed kosher, for the sake of your future generations. Every fake conversion is an injury to thousands of children who will be born to non-Jewish couples. It is said ‘distorted can not fix and lack can not count’".

Photo: Knesset website

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