A drug lab containing dozens of cannabis seedlings was uncovered in Acre, and six suspects were arrested

During the week, the Acre police officers conducted an initiated and focused activity in the field of drugs, for the peace of the public. Meanwhile, as part of a search they conducted, the police uncovered a hydro laboratory with 63 seedlings of the substance suspected of being a dangerous cannabis type with a total weight of about 16 kg."C as well as extensive equipment used for growing and manufacturing drugs.

In addition, during two additional searches, the police seized the suspected substance as a dangerous cannabis type weighing about 8 kg."C. Inside a vehicle in Acre and in a building in the city, dozens of grams of substances suspected of being heroin and cocaine were seized.

All the findings were transferred for further extraction of evidence in the forensic laboratories of the Israel Police. And police arrested 6 city residents suspects (25, 27, 49, 22, 54) suspected of possession and cultivation of drugs.

At the request of the police, the detention of the four suspects was extended until December 31 when two of the suspects were released. The investigation continues.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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