A gynecologist who ran a private clinic in Yafia was convicted of serious sexual offenses against two women

The Haifa District Court today (Thursday) convicted the gynecologist, d"R. Elias Khoury, committing serious sexual offenses against two women who were being treated at the private clinic he operated in Yafia. Khoury was convicted of raping the two women as well as committing indecent acts and sexual harassment on one of them.

The District Court accepted the position of the Haifa District Attorney’s Office and ruled that there was no doubt regarding the truth of the complaints and regarding the great guilt inherent in the defendant’s actions. The judges made harsh rulings regarding the defendant’s conduct and clearly and unequivocally ruled that he took advantage of the opportunities that came his way in order to commit the heinous acts he committed.

The prosecution seeks to strengthen the hands of the victims, who bravely testified against the doctor who harmed them. And as it is written in the verdict: “Now that the verdict has been decided, the complainants who made their complaint before us knew that their words were heard, weighed and gained our full trust.”

Illustration. Credit: freepik

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