Abundant butter: The finance minister has signed an order abolishing customs duties on the requested commodity

Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, in coordination with Agriculture Minister Oded Forer, jointly announced that an order was signed today (Thursday) that permanently abolishes customs duties on butter products in order to prevent shortages. The order includes the complete and permanent abolition of customs duties on butter products for consumers and a temporary exemption for butter for industry until the end of 2022.

Due to the severe shortage of butter products, the customs on importing the product was abolished from March 2020 by temporary order until the end of 2021. The abolition of customs stopped the shortage of stores and increased butter consumption in Israel by about 50%. In addition, the abolition of customs duties increased the range of butter products on store shelves by 30%, and reduced the price level by about 13%.

As for local agriculture, during the period when the exemption from local production customs applied was not harmed, and even the production of local butter increased by about 11%. The abolition of the regular customs will ensure a regular supply of butter to consumers and prevent shortages, along with the expectation of expanding the range of products and continuing to reduce butter prices. At the same time, the price control of butter has recently been abolished.

The Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman: “The abolition of customs duties on butter imports solved the problem of the severe shortage of butter products, which lasted more than a year. Today we see that the abolition of customs has significantly benefited the consumer through increasing consumption, increasing the variety of products and lowering the price, all without harming local agriculture. We currently stipulate that customs will be abolished on a regular basis so that the public can continue to enjoy a variety of available butter products at a low price. We intend to continue to work, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, to reduce tariffs on agricultural products in order to lower the cost of living for the benefit of the Israeli consumer."

Minister of Agriculture, Oded Forer: "We see how with full consent, it is possible to abolish customs duties on butter imports and solve the problem of shortage of butter products, along with increasing consumption and lowering the price. We will continue to act in this way, by way of agreements in all branches of agriculture, for the benefit of the farmers and for all the citizens of the State of Israel. “

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