An indictment will be filed against a suspect in carrying out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem

Investigators from the Central Unit of the Jerusalem District have completed the investigation of the terrorist suspected of attempting the stabbing attack that took place on December 19 on a small Neviim Street in Jerusalem. About a week and a half ago in the evening, the police received a report of an attempted stabbing of a man who was walking down the street with another. There were no casualties in the incident and the suspect fled the scene. Following the report, many police forces were called to the scene and began within a few minutes searching for the suspect in the act.

Within minutes, police located a knife used in the attempted attack. Within 30 minutes of the report, during extensive police searches in the area, Jerusalem District traffic police located the suspect in the act, a resident of Anata in his twenties. The officers who were at the time in covert traffic enforcement activity and were called to the incident with additional forces for scans in wide circles, spotted a suspect walking down the street and went to check on him after arousing their suspicion. When he noticed them, he tried to escape but was stopped by the police at the end of a short chase.

The focus of the searches in the area was directed by the Jerusalem District Control Center, which directed the forces in the direction of the terrorist’s escape and assisted in his capture.

Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent Doron Turgeman assigned the investigation to the Jerusalem District Central Unit. After assessing the situation in the arena after the attempted attack, the Jerusalem Police praised the police activity that led to the terrorist’s quick arrest and said: “The combined activity of the forces proved itself and led to the suspect’s quick arrest. We will continue to act resolutely against any threat and to work for the protection of public peace and security. ” Following the vigilance, professionalism and striving for contact demonstrated by the police officers who captured the terrorist within a short time, the district commander decided to award them certificates of appreciation and appreciation.

As part of the investigation of the suspect in the act and the collection of evidence that strengthened the suspicions against him, it became clear that immediately after the attempted attack, the terrorist informed his family members about his actions. After his detention was extended during the interrogation days and an evidentiary basis was formed against him, a prosecutor’s statement was submitted and today (Thursday) the prosecution is expected to file an indictment against him.

The police said: "The Israel Police will continue to fight terrorism wherever it is and to protect the safety and security of the citizens of the State of Israel."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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