Another attempt to reach agreements on egg regulations: "It’s closing time"

US"R. Economics Committee, h"As Michael Bitton, recently (Thursday) resumed the meeting on egg quota regulations and said that the parties did not reach an agreement. He added that the growers had a request to change one section, but the Ministry of Agriculture did not respond to it and therefore intended to bring the regulations for approval as submitted by the ministry to the committee.

The representatives of the towers, Shimon Bitton, addressed the Knesset members and said: "There are regulations here that I have been sitting at the table for 15 years on these dates, these regulations is what is called Yom Kippur of the laying towers in the State of Israel. It’s closing time now. At closing time I want to talk to the Knesset members who are going to impose a death sentence on the towers. We were humiliated in your presence sir were"R and you are a disease for your honor. You sat for hours into the night trying to reach something agreed upon. We were abused. We do not accept these regulations and do not agree to them because they have one result, an economic death sentence for families of 60-70 year olds in the decision of this committee.

Bitton added: "The Ministry of Agriculture calls itself the Farmers ‘House and it is the Farmers’ Cemetery. This is the obituary of the breeders. Imports from Ukraine What is the quality of the egg? What is the price? Control will come out of the hands of this house. This is a vicious plan that they failed to accept in the Arrangements Act. Tried to lead this evil thing to lead in the Arrangements Act and it did not go. The legislature said it would be by consent and what does the Minister of Agriculture do? Brings regulations that he understands what the implications are for us to agree to a reform he did not accept in the Arrangements Act. We are bleeding and this is what the Minister of Agriculture wants, he wants agriculture to move to Turkey and Ukraine and Egypt and Jordan. Neither Hezbollah nor Katyushas – Forer brought us out of the north. This is what these regulations will do".

there were"Rabbi Michael Bitton said in response that he brings the vote on the regulations at the opinion of the growers and at their request. The Minister of Agriculture, Oded Forer, responded and said: "I ask that you reject the vote".

there were"R. Bitton replied that "There’s a price for the one you messed up with. I want to meet deadlines". Minister of Agriculture Forer replied: "The position of the farmers is significant. We listened and talked to them. We are a hair’s breadth away from reaching a comprehensive settlement that will do good to Israeli citizens, farmers and the north. It’s easiest for me to say I won and we will vote on regulations. I’m asking for another break. You can keep coming up with things. True it will be first and we are in deviation from the legislation. I do not see anyone running in the mud"Q populate chicken coops".

Illustration. Credit: pixabay

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