Another outbreak of avian influenza in a moshav in the Jezreel Valley; 5,500 chickens were found to be infected

Another area of ​​outbreak of bird flu in Israel: In Moshav Barak, in the Jezreel Valley Regional Council, an organic laying coop was discovered, containing about 5,500 chickens infected with H5N1 bird flu. The farm produces about 100,000 organic eggs a year, which make up only 0.2% of the organic market. It will be recalled that the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oded Forer, instructed the employees of his office to increase the existing egg quotas among veteran breeders, and at the same time to act to open up the market for imports. This, in order to prevent in advance a scenario of shortage of eggs during the coming months.

The Ministry of Agriculture is the director of Haf"An inter-ministerial K established for the purpose of treating a rolling incident of avian influenza morbidity in the north of the country. At this stage, the veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture are simultaneously managing a number of active outbreak centers: in the Hula Reservoir among wild birds; In Moshav Margaliot among laying hens; And four morbidity centers for turkeys for fattening in Neot Golan, Givat Yoav, Ram-On and Ein HaHoresh. All active foci have been isolated, and the Ministry of Agriculture continues to actively monitor farms in the area to eradicate the disease and prevent its further spread. It should be noted that in the previous centers, in Kfar Baruch, Kibbutz Ein Tzurim, Avigdor, Maayan Zvi and Nahalal, the treatment of the Ministry of Agriculture has long since ended.

The Ministry of Agriculture explains that bird flu is a very deadly viral disease of birds. This year, according to the ministry, we are witnessing a particularly widespread morbidity, which is probably due to the massive presence of migratory wild birds infected with the disease, and spreading it in space. In light of this, poultry and bird breeders need to be extra careful. Any exceptional case of mortality or special symptoms should be reported immediately to the attending veterinarian, the regional veterinary service and the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture. Do not dispose of poultry carcasses in an unregulated manner. This can cause disease in wildlife and pets.

As mentioned, also in this case, as in previous cases this year, it is a H5N1 bird flu, which can cause a low risk of human disease. The Ministry of Agriculture once again reminds the public to be careful about consuming chicken and egg products only after cooking, since high heat treatment (cooking, baking, frying) destroys all bacteria and viruses in poultry. The ministry notes that this recommendation is valid in the routine, and now even more so.

The Minister of Agriculture, Oded Forer, said: "We run a rolling and complex event, which requires a lot of resources. I instructed the professional teams to continue to act by all available means and as necessary, in order to prevent the spread of virus outbreaks. At the same time, we have long since opened the import of eggs duty free, and I will make sure that there will be no shortage of eggs. I call on the public to remain calm, and to avoid excessive consumption. The egg molds will remain on the shelves and we will increase the quantities as needed".

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