Bar-Lev on the arrest of suspects from the Hariri family’s criminal organization: "We promised – and we keep"

The Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, announced today (Thursday) following the removal of the restraining order over the arrest of members of the criminal organization of the Hariri clan on suspicion of extortion, "Well done for liking"To the Investigations and Intelligence Division and to the entire Israel Police for the successful operation and arrest of the members of the Hariri clan’s criminal organization. We promised – and we keep. This is an excellent and determined progress in dealing with crime and violence on the Arab street and a step that is a blessing to the entire State of Israel. Our streets are now a little safer – and the peak is still ahead of us".

The Minister added that "This action proves what I discovered on my first day on the job. For too long, the Israeli police have been restrained, preventing them from reaching their full potential. All that is required is a spirit of support and support from the Ministry of Internal Security and the level of boldness, and with it the successes, increases".

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