Ha"As a stronghold attacks the government: "Get out of your opacity and indifference and look at what you are doing to the people"

US"R. Noam Party, ha"As Avi Maoz of the Religious Zionist faction, last night (Thursday) in the Knesset plenum he attacked the taxes imposed by the government and the increase in the cost of living. Maoz opened with an issue that the students of the daily Daf learned in the Tractate Megillah regarding the order of the blessings he predicted"To be corrected in standing prayer.

Maoz Desert: "The reason that the blessing of the years was determined as the ninth blessing is against ‘expropriators of gates’, because of the verse in the Psalms: "Broken evil arm". Rash explains there"J: "Broken evil arm. Those who project the grain and expropriate the gate". And asks Rash"Where does the verse speak in the expropriators of the gates? And answers that it is written in the same psalm: "He will lurk in secret like a lion in a tent, he will lurk to kidnap the poor", "And that the list lurks the poor? And not the rich he lurks. But in the expropriators of gates the scripture speaks, that most of their opinion to the poor is".

Finally he said ha"As a stronghold: "You hear the members of the coalition – who is lurking for the poor? Who is it that causes the gates to be expropriated and the price increases that actually fall on the so-called ‘weak’ strata? Get out of your opacity and indifference. Look at what you are doing to the people".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Danny Shem Tov

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