Kiryat Ono: A three-month-old baby was accidentally locked in a car and rescued safely

A call was received today (Thursday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, about a three-month-old baby who was accidentally locked in a car in front of his mother in an underground parking lot, on Levi Eshkol Street in Kiryat Ono. Tzach Takumi, Seg"From the Ono space, together with the VP"A group of friends, Lazy Stern, responded to the call and arrived quickly. Using the dedicated equipment in their possession, the volunteers rescued the baby, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Lazy Number: "Upon receiving the call, I quickly left my home in Petah Tikva in that direction. When I arrived, the baby had already been rescued by a freshman who arrived first and opened the vehicle, without any difficulty. The investigation of the case revealed that the mother strapped the baby in the safety seat, put everything on the seat, including keys and a telephone, and closed the vehicle, which was locked immediately in front of her eyes. She got out of the parking lot, got in touch with her husband who made immediate contact with a call center. The mother described that these were the ten longest minutes of her life, but nevertheless, she was assured that we would arrive quickly and everything would be fine. May everyone have a good evening and go out and do kindness".

Photo: ‘Friends’

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the car key and not give it to children • In the event of a lock, contact a friend center at number 1230 without an asterisk immediately.

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