Minister of Justice Saar proposes: Creating order and prioritization in government legislation

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Gideon Saar, who also serves as chairman of the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs, today (Thursday) presented the Cabinet of Ministers a draft plan for their comments on streamlining government work in a way that focuses its work on prioritizing and promoting current legislation. In doing so, government bills will be tailored to the priorities of the elected echelon.

The data from recent years prove the inefficiency of the legislative process, which sometimes leads to prolonged delays in bills and regulations that are important to ministers. Therefore, according to the proposal, the government ministers will formulate a legislative plan for their ministry so that they will pass in advance the legislation they want to bring to the ministerial committee in the coming year. This work plan will assist all relevant government bodies in focusing the action and resources in accordance with the plan.

The data presented by Minister Saar to the ministers show that there has been a significant increase in the scope of government activity in the field of legislation in recent years. This increase is reflected both in the number of pieces of legislation and in their complexity and length. For example, in its 14th Knesset, the annual average was 57 government bills tabled in the Knesset, compared with an annual average of 96 government bills tabled in the 20th Knesset.

Along with the increase in the number of bills, there has also been an increase in the volume of legislation: thus, between 2009-2000, the average number of government bills was 805 pages per year, and between 2018-2010, the annual average rose to about 1,410 pages per year.

More emerges from the echo"It is clear that a significant part of the legislative word does not come to the completion of the legislative procedure at all. About 40% of the legislative initiatives are crystallized into law memoranda, out of the law memoranda distributed by the government, only 56% have matured into government bills that are approved by the Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs and are on the Knesset table. In an overall calculation – out of all legislative initiatives that start within the ministries – only about 18.5% reach the final stage of a law passed.

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