Ministry of Economy: Ashdod The most friendly city for small and medium-sized businesses

The Ministry of Economy announced today (Thursday) that in light of the results of the Local Authorities Agency’s Local Authorities Index, which ranked the city of Ashdod in the first place among 60 authorities with over 150,000 residents, Ashdod is the friendliest of those surveyed for small and medium-sized businesses for the third year in a row. This is a significant achievement for Ashdod, which has become a magnet for businesses in the last decade. In 2020, the municipality set up a NIS 25 million assistance program for businesses, and Mayor D."R. Lasri intends to stand by them also in 2022.

Mayor d"R. Yechiel Lasri: "Ashdod embraces business owners and sees them as the city’s economic backbone and a major growth engine in the city’s economy. We will continue to stand by business owners also in 2022 and help as much as possible in light of the fifth corona wave and its impact on business owners. “

Deputy Mayor Adv"D. Gabriel Knafo who received the award on behalf of the municipality: "The third consecutive win indicates a way and an orderly policy that we are leading towards the businesses in the city, and we are happy about the recognition of the Ministry of Economy and the recognition".

The rankings that make up the authorities index include the accessibility of information, property taxes, business satisfaction from the authority under review, and accessibility to tenders. The indices show that Ashdod occupies the first place in the overall ranking. "Ashdod is an example city when it comes to business promotion", Say in the Ministry of Economy.

The municipality’s great support for small and medium-sized businesses in Ashdod can be seen in 2020, when the mayor d."R. Yechiel Lasri and senior city officials envelope support and accompaniment during the economic crisis caused by the Corona. Among other things, the municipality granted a three-month tax exemption of NIS 10 million, an exemption from a signage fee for all types of businesses for 2020, an exemption from a market fee for the period when the market was closed, a center for exercising rights for business owners to assist, support and guide."Purple character for business", Establishment of the Arena Arena Project" To implement the business assistance program through tools and experts for innovative processes, and adapt them to the urban business world in routine and emergency situations, amounting to approximately NIS 4 million. The total benefits for businesses in Ashdod during the Corona period are estimated at NIS 25 million.

Photo: Ashdod Municipality

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