"Sergei grabbed the grenade and pulled out the guard in order to throw the grenade at the house"

The Southern District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) recently filed (Thursday) in the Beer Sheva District Court, an indictment against Yarden Asaig, a 24-year-old resident of the city, alleging that he committed offenses of carrying and transporting weapons, aggravated intentional sabotage, damage to explosives, violation of instruction Legal and disruption of legal proceedings.

According to the indictment, filed through Adv"D. Noa Shuker, the defendant, being subject to restrictive conditions of full house arrest, except for hours of ventilation accompanied by one of the inspectors, agreed with Sergei Sheiman, who had prior acquaintance, to harm the commander of Eshel Prison. As part of the plan and for its promotion, on 12.11.21 at about midnight, while the defendant was violating the conditions, the two arrived near the house of the prison commander in"Q, when they carry and carry a hand grenade No. 26 explosive / spray which has the power to kill a person when it explodes, without permission by law to possess it. Sergei approached the house while the defendant waited for him nearby so that he could escape after the plan was completed.

Sergei grabbed the grenade with his right hand, and pulled out the guard in order to throw the grenade at the house, but the grenade exploded in his hand. As a result of the grenade explosion, his palm was amputated and he suffered dozens of injuries to his upper body and head, which led to severe brain damage that resulted in his death. Also, following the explosion, vehicles were parked nearby and the fence of a nearby house.

The defendant then threw away Sergei’s cell phone in order to conceal it, in order to prevent or frustrate a judicial proceeding or lead to a miscarriage of justice. The case was investigated by Yam"R. Negev in the Israel Police. The prosecution seeks to detain the defendant until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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