Soroka Hospital summarizes the year 2021

More than 6 million people passed through the gates of Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva this year. More than 36,000 surgeries were performed, more than 17,200 babies were born at the Saban Center for Midwifery, more than 600,000 visits to outpatient clinics and institutes, about 250,000 visits to emergency rooms and hundreds of helicopter landings at the hospital landing.

Photo: Soroka spokeswoman

8,400 were treated in the respiratory emergency department and 1,650 were treated in the corona wards and the corona intensive care unit. Over five hundred studies by Soroka researchers have been published in medical journals; Soroka has continued to excel in weighting the national medical quality indices and leads in the first place in the prevention of infections in the past year as well.

Photo: Soroka spokeswoman

During the past year, the first operation of its kind in Israel to separate connected twins was performed, innovative CAR-T engineered blood cells were treated in a lymphoma patient, more than 570,000 corona tests were performed in a virology laboratory, more than 17,200 babies were born at the Saban Midwifery Center in Soroka. The hospital, Soroka and IAI have signed an agreement for cooperation in the development of medical technologies.

Photo: Soroka spokeswoman

D"R. Shlomi Director of Soroka University Medical Center: "As the leading and only medical center in the area, we have a great commitment to provide optimal, professional, advanced and quality care, despite the many challenges that characterize the last two years alongside dealing with the corona plague. We continue to grow and continually advance the hospital in everything related to advanced medical technologies and new procedures, in research development, and in projects that combine quality and service for our patients. Thousands of dedicated Soroka employees are the ones who enable the growth and development of the hospital".

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