The court in favor of removing the exhibit that caused a storm and was displayed in a museum in Ramat Gan

The court ruled today (Thursday) that the work that caused a storm that was displayed in a museum in Ramat Gan and depicts an ultra-Orthodox person and next to it is written "Jerusalem of shit", Because he is in favor of its removal and agreed with the move, which was ordered by the mayor of Ramat Gan, Carmel Shama HaCohen.

B’Tselem reports: "The court ruling in favor of removing the work in Ramat Gan, where an ultra-Orthodox is defined as shit, is a victory for human rights. The court ruling joins a series of rulings, including the removal of the exhibit "Mac Jesus" In Haifa, evacuation of the Swan Gallery in Jerusalem and the Coexistence Forum in the Negev and more. This ruling illustrates the delicate balance between the freedom of art and the freedom of funding and the right of the public not to fund incitement, abusive things and concealment between communities and more."

In addition, it was reported that: "Freedom of expression is not freedom of expression Freedom of expression is not freedom of hatred Incitement and contempt. The work in Ramat Gan has looted thousands of ultra-Orthodox residents and there is no room for tolerance towards a discourse of racism and incitement."

Shay Glick CEO"To the organization: "For years, B’Tselem has led the position that there is no place for a culture of hatred and incitement. We are happy that the courts in Israel also understand this and we will continue to fight against the culture of terrorism and hatred."

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