The Economics Committee has approved the egg quotas: about 3 billion will be produced in 2022

Knesset Economics Committee, chaired by Ha"Michael Bitton today (Thursday) approved the egg quota regulations for 2022, according to which it was determined that the total quota for the production of edible eggs in Israel next year will be 3.055 billion eggs. Following this it was further determined that there would be an addition of 785 new quotas amounting to half a million eggs each. It was further approved that an addition to quotas for veteran breeders will be given in accordance with a number of conditions, including compliance with the requirements of the Animal Cruelty Law and that the living area of ​​each laying be at least 750 cm"R.

there were"R. Bitton said before the vote that there is a future readiness of the Minister of Agriculture and his staff to show flexibility in the future, as part of the negotiations on a comprehensive reform in the laying industry. Minister Forer said that "The consensus is that there is no consensus and we will continue to talk about regulations as part of the overall reform in the dumping industry". Ha"As Uri Maklev remarked that this is not consent it is submission. Regulations were finally approved with the support of were"R. Bitton and MKs Nira Shefek, Jasmine Sachs Frisman and Limor Magen Telem, when Ha"As McLean pointed out.

McLean also said that the growers should live in ambiguity and insecurity, how the minister and the ministry will treat them. He added that "There are representatives of parties that the farmers trusted, there is a surrender of the coalition. When we were in the coalition we prevented such reforms that were going to hurt them. They know they had a sympathetic ear".

CEO"To the organization of poultry breeders, Moti Alkabetz, used very harsh words and said: "I feel like a rapist and it’s a political rape. We are silent because we understand the threat if regulations are not passed. I’ve never experienced it in my life, but it’s not me.".

Mazk"To the Israel Agricultural Association, Avshalom Villan, said: "We turned forward and will continue to struggle. These companies have been sitting on the Lebanese border for 60 years, facing Hezbollah and guarding the border. With all due respect to the Knights of the Free Economy, the Libertarians and the Ecclesiastical Forum, agriculture and farmers are part of the security belt and the protector of both food and life in the State of Israel. We will not accept statements as if the bird flu has anything to do with the quality of the chicken coops". He added that he hoped that in the end the parties would reach compromises."

Ha"K. Nira Shefek responded to what Ha said"K. Maklev noted that the farmers’ struggle is not a weapon of attack as part of the coalition and opposition struggles. "You do not care about the farmers more than I do", Shefek said to Maklev, adding: "This is a difficult day for me, I come from a family that has farmers who cultivate the land on the border in front of Sajaiya. That no one will teach me what agriculture is. It is a difficult day because the discourse is becoming difficult, and it is not good for me that the farmers have become an enemy. I did not vote wholeheartedly".

Minister Forer said: "I know the atmosphere is hard and the feelings are hard and there is anger. It is important for me to make it clear that no one will think that there is a trend or a desire to harm farmers here, but quite the opposite. Produce a change that requires discussions. I wanted to come up with a large and significant general produce in agreement, which would give the industry a horizon. Getting to the committee every year with the same quarrels is contemptible, wrong and the opposite of what we want. I thought they reached an agreement, so I tell friends there are no winners and losers here. Regulations pass that Hugh"The committee promised that they would pass before the end of the year, and for me it was the same"From this to reach reform continues, and if changes are required we will know to make them here as well. I hope to meet here another week".

The representatives of the growers, Shimon Bitton, said in response to Minister Forer’s remarks: "The only agreement is that today you buried agriculture and all the breeding towers in the State of Israel". Mazk"To the Moshavim movement, Amit Yifrach added: "The conduct of the minister plundered all Israeli farmers. I want to thank Hugh"R. The committee on the hours and days he spent and tried to find solutions from, an understanding that does not exist elsewhere, on the importance of agriculture".

there were"R. Bitton summed up the discussion with a heavy heart and said: "I’m sorry to go sit down after such a stormy week, in an attempt to bring agreements I hoped we would leave in a good mood, coming out with happy regulations but with a crisis. Regulations that are inconsistent with the ability of all parties to live with them in peace. The fact that the regulations are approved does not require any number to appear in them. It requires acting in no sense and gradually. You have been given powers and you say you are open to change it means you will act logically. I welcome the statement by the Minister of Agriculture that he is open to changing what is written here and I hope that will happen. We are with the growers in fire and water and I would not vote if they did not approve it so as not to leave the industry in uncertainty. The achievement that the industry operates under regulations, the lack of achievement that is over the heads of growers."

Finally, Bitton said: "If you succeed within days or weeks in bringing back legislative amendments and other numbers our door is open. It is not true that a cloud of debate over agricultural reform will hover over the coalition, it is detrimental to the government’s ability to work. I call the minister, the situation is not good and everything is on your shoulder and even if it started badly it could end well. Go deeper already in the first and bring a better result. Innocent and unfinished, going home with sourness. But with the ability to repair in the coming weeks".

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