The forecast: another end"Winter in Fatah, danger of flooding in southern and eastern streams

Forecast: Today (Thursday) will be partly cloudy. Moderate southeasterly winds will blow. Temperatures unchanged. The sea is wavy. Wave height 70-140 cm"From the water temperature 19 degrees

Forecasted temperatures for today: Jerusalem 13-8, Tel Aviv 18-13, Haifa 17-10, Beer Sheva 18-10, Safed 12-6 Ariel 14-9, Modi’in 17-10, Tiberias 19-10 and Eilat 23-11 degrees.

Prospectus for the following days:

Friday Partly cloudy. From the afternoon, local rain will begin in various parts of the country. Danger of flooding in southern and eastern streams. Temperatures have dropped. On a similar Saturday. On Sunday and Monday without change, said forecaster Boaz Dayan from the Israel Weather website.

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