The Israel Land Authority’s plan to build 440 units has been approved"D. At the level of fulfillers

Israel Land Authority plan to build 440 units"D. Ramat Magshimim, promoted by the local authority and the Israel Land Authority to expand the Moshav Magshimim moshav in the Golan, is located east of the Sea of ​​Galilee in the Golan Heights, deals with expanding the settlement and planning uses in the moshav areas according to residents’ needs and natural growth. The plan expands the living area to the limit of Tam’s capacity"A35, and the planning of the expansion marked in the plan is now possible in light of the government decision made in recent days to develop and strengthen the Golan Heights with a total budget of NIS 1 billion.

The expansion of the residence will allow the absorption of young families, including boys and girls who continue, and will add a diverse mix of residences to the existing residences in the locality, which includes"D. Ground level, about 73 units"D. in plots with an area of ​​750 m"R, about 41 units"D. in plots in an area of ​​about 600 m"R, and intensive construction, contains housing, in condominiums in two complexes, of which about 70 units"D in size up to 120 m"R. phlegm"D, and another about 50 pcs"D. Small (up to 55 m"R. phlegm"D). Also in the plan to regulate employment in the locality in farm buildings, industry and crafts, in order to provide an economic base for the growing population of the moshav alongside areas for public and educational institutions, regulation of roads, paths and parking, sports and leisure areas and open public areas. The plan was promoted by the Israel Land Authority in collaboration with the Golan Regional Council, Ramat Magshimim and was designed by architect Danny Keidar and planner Moriah Yavor-Neumann of the firm "AB planners".

Rafi Elmaleh, Senior Director of the Planning and Projects Division at Ram"J: "Welcomes the approval of the plan to expand the level of fulfillers promoted by the local authority and the Israel Land Authority." And noted that: "This plan is part of a comprehensive process and the government decision made regarding the strengthening and development of the Golan Heights, which includes the construction of thousands of housing units. The program includes 410 housing units, of which 160 are housing units"D. News and 70 pcs"D. Approved that includes planning to be added to the old seat in a diverse residential mix that is suitable for different populations and young couples, and also regulates and reorganizes the employment and industrial areas."

Moriah Yavor Neumann from the office of A.B. Planners, she said: "We are pleased with the approval of the plan, which allows Moshav Ramat Magshimim to develop as a multi-dimensional community that includes a mix of types of housing, and also enables the economic basis for doubling the population in the moshav by providing employment solutions in the community."

Photo: Yehuda Weinberg

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