"The key question was and remains what percentage of the number of those infected will become critically ill"

D"R. Erez Barenbaum, CEO"To her"Public Assuta Ashdod, said this morning (Thursday): "At this time, there is still much hidden over the visible when it comes to the ability of the omicron variant to produce a serious disease. He will soon have to deal with many waves of illness and verified people who will be referred to hospitals, some of whom may be seriously ill and need to be prepared for this. But it is too early to assess how difficult and create unnecessary panic in the public. The main message that needs to be conveyed to the public now is thanks to the vaccines for unvaccinated children and adults. The health care system and within them hospitals are far from collapsing, and as much as we have to deal with extreme situations, we will be able to divert teams and resources within the organization. The key question was and remains – how many patients out of all omicron patients will develop a serious illness."

Another said d"R. Barenboim: "One can look towards South Africa, in the face of declining morbidity data and maintain optimism, or look away towards England, where morbidity figures are still rising and show pessimism".

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