The mayor of Ashdod is positive about Corona

Mayor of Ashdod, d"Rabbi Yechiel Lasri, issued a statement to the city’s residents recently (Thursday) regarding his verified finding of the corona virus, after a PCR test he performed due to the appearance of flu symptoms, he claimed.

Message language: "Residents of Ashdod, I would like to inform you that following the onset of flu symptoms, I performed a PCR test today, and was found to be verified to Corona. Thank God, thanks to completing the vaccination process with 3 injections, I feel very good, except for mild flu symptoms. I urge everyone who has met with me in the last two days to follow the instructions, do a corona test and stay in isolation until the result is obtained. This is another opportunity for me, to call on you to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, and above all to run to get vaccinated. Especially children and adults over the age of 60. Presumably, the appearance of the corona in me at a mild level is a result of receiving the vaccine three times.
The vaccine saves lives! Health to all and I will update developments later. Shabbat Shalom."

Mayor Yehiel Lasri. Photo: Ashdod Municipality

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