The Minister of Economy has decided to recommend to the government Michal Cohen for the position of head of the Competition Authority

The selection committee discusses 14 candidates in order to find the most suitable candidate for the position. Last night, the committee submitted two finalists as a recommendation to the Commissioner of the Competition Authority: Adv"D. Michal Cohen and d"R. Oren Rugby. The Minister met tonight (Thursday) with the candidates for this vital position for the Israeli economy and decided that Adv."D. Michal Cohen, is the one who will be recommended to the government for her appointment as head of the Competition Authority.

Adv"D. Michal Cohen, holds a law degree with honors from Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of another bachelor’s degree program in economics with honors from Tel Aviv University. Holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Law, cum laude, ERASMUS program and Compultense University Madrid. Since 2006 she has held legal positions in the Competition Authority. Served as Deputy Attorney General (Criminal), Senior Deputy Attorney General (Civil), Legal Adviser and from August 2021 serves as Acting Commissioner. The Minister’s decision regarding the appointment will be submitted to the Government for approval in accordance with the provisions of the Economic Competition Law"H. 1988.

Minister of Economy and Industry Orna Barbibai: "The Authority is responsible for competition processes and has a national responsibility to safeguard and protect the well-being of consumers from harm by business entities and to encourage economic growth in the economy. I expect the Authority to increase supervision and enforcement as a leading professional in the field of competition, and to act as an independent and proactive body in any case of concern for harm to competition and the consumer. Lawyer Michal Cohen has the full qualifications to head the authority and she was elected at the end of an in-depth process carried out by the search committee headed by the CEO"To the Ministry of Economy and Industry, d"R. Ron Malka. Adv"D. Cohen will have full backing in the performance of her role and I wish her great success. Thanks to the committee members who spared no effort in the search process and to all the candidates who submitted their candidacies. The decision to appoint Adv"D. Michal Cohen, will be brought to the government’s approval soon".

Photo: Abigail Pepperno Beer
Archive: Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Adina Velman

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