The winner of the tender for the construction of a commercial complex near Matan was determined"S. Horizons

The momentum in which the city of Ofakim is located, in the fields of trade and employment, continues in full force and after a large number of businesses have opened in recent months, the Israel Land Authority announced this week the winner of a tender to build a commercial complex near Matan."The municipal S. – which defeated 20 additional bidders and offered a price 10 times higher than the original price set by the Israel Land Authority.

The complex in question will include about 8,000 m"For commercial purposes and another about 14,000 m"R. for employment and offices, which will complete the compound of the Government Campus and the Mishkan for the Performing Arts to be built nearby, for one large place that will combine entertainment, commerce, employment and leisure. "This is further proof that the entrepreneurs see Ofakim as a business opportunity, which will ultimately pay off for all parties", Said the mayor of Ofakim, Itzik Danino. "We continue to develop horizons in all areas – housing, employment, commerce, recreation and leisure. The compound to be built near Matan"S. is only the first swallow in a number of large projects that have been launched in the near future".

Photo: Eddie Israel

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