US"The director of the football leagues sent an urgent letter to the team managers: "Are in the midst of a resurgence"

The chairman of the football leagues’ director, Erez Kalfon, this evening (Thursday) sent an urgent letter to the team managers, after receiving the new corona instructions in stadiums from the government.

In the letter, Kalfon explains that after talks with government officials, a rapid increase in morbidity is expected: “We are in the midst of a new outbreak of the virus and various scenarios even predict that in the near future, we will experience a dramatic increase in coronary heart disease.”

At the end, an important clarification was given to the teams: “I expect that all those involved in the industry, will act with such responsibility in order to prevent cases of infection among the players as much as possible. “A team whose players / team members become infected / enter isolation will have to carry out the activity without the players / team members, and therefore all the guidelines must be met in order for the training and games activity to continue as a series.”

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