An indictment was filed against an Arab from Jerusalem after working for Hezbollah

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) today (Friday) filed an indictment in the city’s district court against Ahmad Zahara, a 32-year-old resident of Jerusalem, after working for the Hezbollah organization in Israel.

According to the indictment, filed through Adv"D. Aviad Devik, About nine years ago, the defendant contacted a released prisoner living in Lebanon and told him that he was interested in contacting people from Hezbollah in order to work for them in Israel. Following this, a connection was established between the defendant and Hezbollah operatives and he received an encryption software from the organization so that he could keep in touch with them. During the period, the defendant kept in touch with his operatives, sometimes traveling to Ramallah, in order to make contact with his operatives through an encryption program in order to evade security forces in Israel. As part of the relationship between the defendant and Hezbollah, he was asked to perform various tasks, including transmitting updates on the situation in Jerusalem and the West Bank and reporting on disturbances that occurred in Jerusalem.

In addition, the defendant initiated activities against Israel, among other things, on his own initiative photographed a place with large satellite dishes in order to send them to Hezbollah members. The relationship between the defendant and Hezbollah ceased several years and a month later in the past year. During his honeymoon vacation in Turkey, the defendant coordinated receiving money and a cell phone in which encryption software was installed so that he could continue to keep in touch with his operators. After the defendant returned to Israel, he activated the encryption software and contacted Hezbollah members, before accepting additional tasks. The defendant was arrested and the contact with Hezbollah members was cut off.

The indictment attributes to the defendant committing offenses of contact with a foreign agent, passing on information to the enemy with intent to harm state security and unlawful exit. The prosecution is asking the court to order the detention of the accused until the end of the legal proceedings against him. The investigation was conducted by the respondent"And the National Unit for the Investigation of Serious and International Crime (Yahav"L) of blade 433.

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